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Harnessing & Embracing Maverick Behaviour

05/03/2024 | 11:30am - 2:30pm

Event Location: RHS Garden Wisley

Harnessing & Embracing Maverick Behaviour

Event Description

"The Making of a Maverick"

We conclude our modern-day leadership themed workshops at the world leading home of horticultural science RHS Garden Wisley, where the EM3 Growth Hub team is hosting a lunchtime reception with our special guest speaker Paul Spiers. He will lead a discussion on how we can enhance and harness maverick behaviours in our teams.

He is the founder of The New P&L Brand Purpose Institute and host of The New P&L – Principles & Leadership in Business podcast.

The aim of this special briefing is to get us all thinking about the makeup of our teams to drive our businesses forward.

Some might wrongly believe that it’s just tech and creative businesses that thrive on fresh thinking but even our most traditional and established enterprises need innovative ideas to enable them to thrive and survive. This gives added purpose to inclusivity and raises awareness of the limitations of group think.

This will be a brilliant opportunity to be asking ourselves whether our leadership styles allow us to support dynamic thinking or are we advertently just getting in the way and stifling change.

Mavericks are creative dreamers, independent thinkers, and radical doers. They are changemakers, innovators and visionaries. They are what business today needs more of – those who have the courage, the creativity, and the tenacity to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

However, some business leaders also fear mavericks. Because they don’t understand them and don’t know how to harness their creativity and creative thinking. Or, because some don’t have the courage themselves to embrace the positive and powerful change that can come from building a ‘Movement of Mavericks’ within their business.

Change is tough and letting go even tougher, even if the result is a better business and a more vibrant culture.

Join us from 11:30pm to 2:30pm on Tuesday 5th March at RHS Garden Wisley to find out how you can create a welcoming culture for maverick behaviour right across your business.


More about Paul Spiers:

Paul is the founder of The New P&L Brand Purpose Institute and host of the internationally respected business podcast series, The New P&L® – Principles & Leadership in Business. is focused on helping leaders to solve one of the today’s big business challenges: how to rediscover and re-engage their purpose in their business, then use it to underpin and drive its commercial, strategic and operational arteries - the critical cornerstones of any successful business.

A respected thought leader and advocate for a ‘New P&L’ for business – one based on principles and leadership, not just profit and loss, Paul is on a global mission to rid businesses of their ‘vinyl values’ – empty slogans, propositions, and statements that are as thin as the office walls they so often reside on, and replace them with an intentional commitment to authentic and principled leadership and purpose-led business; to inspire leaders, engage employees and ignite innovation and growth.